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Ugly, dirty tile and grout? We have the solution to make your tile and grout look like new again. Let Bee-Kleen of Colorado Springs provide a free estimate to get those tile and grout areas of your home or business looking great and sparkling again.

Bee-Kleen of Colorado Springs believes that regular grout cleanings can save you and your business money in the long run. Grout and tile cleaning lengthens the life of your flooring by removing contaminants that can make the grout deteriorate. These contaminants cause the tiles to break. Having your flooring serviced every three to six months will ensure the tile and grout stays free of bacteria and contaminants.

Watch Bee-Kleen in action……tile and grout cleaning for your home or business!

Facts about grout and tile you did not know…

Many people think tile can be left alone, but this is not the case. Cleaning grout the right way will save you time, and money in the long run! When grout is cared for properly it will last much longer and hold its strength.

Mopping on a grout surface actually does more harm then good. A grout surface is rough, and is a surface that other contaminants have no trouble seeping into. Mopping will give your grout the appearance that it is clean, but the grout surface holds onto germs that mops are no match for.

Most household cleaners have chemicals that do not pair well with cleaning grout, the cleaners(such as dish soap) create a residue on the grout that eventually seeps in causing discoloration. Grout is built to soak up anything on it, the residue soap leaves on grout can promote and attract dirt build up. Then the build up of chemicals underneath “eats away” at the grout causing it to crack.

Never use bleach on grout! Bleach is a very powerful concoction of chemicals that is great for cleaning many surfaces in your home, but not grout! Bleach was made to eat away at germs, and that is exactly what it does! Bleach will make grout break apart and deteriorate overtime.

The best way to clean grout yourself is with to use warm water and use a soft brush to scrub in a circular motion. This method is easy on grout and will not damage the surface in any way.

Many stains on grout are hard to remove because of how deep the stains actually go into the grout.

Our Method

We use a high powered steam method that gently exfoliates the grout from the inside out! This ensures that the stains and germs are fully extracted from the surface. We do not believe in just the appearance of your floors but in the true health on the materials, and that is why we used high pressured steaming to get the job done!

tile-grout-cleaning-colorado springs, co_Bee-Kleen

tile-grout-cleaning-colorado springs,co_bee-Kleen

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