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Colorado Springs native and owner of Bee-Kleen, Steve Seifert is passionate about providing not just any carpet cleaning service but one that you or your business can count on. 30 years experience in the floor care industry and second generation carpet cleaning business owner. Steve cares about his home and wants to provide the same level of carpet cleaning service for your home. Bee-Kleen came about after many many years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry. You will receive a quote that is fair and reliable. You will feel confident that pride is taken with every cleaning…to ensure your satisfaction. Fully insured, thorough, and professional cleaning services is what to expect from Bee-Kleen Professional Cleaning Service.

We take pride in the level of service and customer satisfaction our customer receives in every appointment. It is important to us that each customer is left with carpets that are light and fluffy without the usual chemical, crunchy residue that is normally expected from a carpet cleaner. We will reveal your carpets true potential that will give your home the fresh clean look it deserves!

Below is just one of the examples of what we can do. This customer had years of stains and dust build up that left the carpets looking like they needed to be replaced. We were able to extract the ground in stains and expose the true color and condition of the carpets in just ONE cleaning!

“What an awesome job! I surprised my parent’s by having Bee-Kleen clean their carpets, they’ve never been professionally cleaned and Steve did a great job. The color actually came back to the original and literally decades old stains are gone. Will definitely use again and I recommend Bee-Kleen to anyone. Steve is a super nice and honest guy!”-Pam

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 “How often should I have my carpets cleaned?”

Our customers ask this question often. Living in Colorado Springs, we get all 4 seasons…sometimes all in one day! Each season comes with changes that can effect our household carpets greatly. We all have children that will track in snow and mud coming home from school that will leave deep in stains that seem hopeless. And although Spring can seem like a “clean” season, pollen that makes our allergies run wild can get stuck in our carpet fibers! This will cause your allergies to bother you even when you are not outside. For these reasons, we recommend a professional carpet cleaning at least every 3 months. This will clean away any effects from the previous season.

We believe you should enjoy your carpets in their best condition! Life happens, but your carpets do not have to show it.

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Bee-Kleen Professional Cleaning Service We Make Clean Easy

Steve has gone out of his way to invest in some of the best brand new truck mounted steam cleaning equipment. His van is a prime example. He went out of his way to make sure that when his van pulls up in your driveway that you are proud to have his vehicle in front of your home or office. His promise is to provide thoroughly cleaned and soil extracted carpets. Left soft and fluffy, not crunchy with chemical residue.

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