How To Properly Remove A Carpet Spill

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We all know the feeling…

You just spent hours deep cleaning your ENTIRE home. You look around and there is not a single particle of dust you missed, or piece of dirt you didn’t wash away.

Then, your kids come running in the front door with their friends from riding bikes outside. So this means they are hungry!

You make them pizza bites to share and caution them to not leave the kitchen. You turn away for one second and you hear a gasp…

One of the energetic children left the kitchen, aand spilled marinara sauce on your freshly cleaned carpets!!!!

Now, when it comes to spilled food on carpets, you need to be sure it is cleaned right. Unfortunately many cleansers have harsh chemicals that can stain your carpets further and deteriorate at the fabric if you are not careful.

Do not stress out about the dropped food, here is what you should do…

  1. Use a cloth soaked in warm water RIGHT AWAY. Many stains can surprisingly be lifted with water. It is best to do so right when the food is dropped for easy removal.
  2. Blot, do not rub! A common mistake people make in a panic to remove a stain is to harshly rub at the surface, all this does is disperse the food particles to other surface areas it was not before. It is better to place the  wet cloth on the stain and apply pressure. This will contain the stain and lift the food into the cloth. Do this 2-3 times with new wash cloths to lift all of the particles away that you can.
  3. Try using vinegar mixed with water. If there is anything left after these steps, try white vinegar! White vinegar is a strong, natural product to use to remove stains. Not only does it help remove the remaining food particles, but it also eliminates any odors or germs that were left behind. Many people think you have to use powerful, chemical based products. White vinegar will not leave any discoloration in your carpet that many chemical products do, and it will remove what remains of the stain!

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When you have children or pets, stains are bound to happen! The process to clean these stains can be easy.

Although these daily mishaps can be taken care of with this method, Bee-Kleen of Colorado Springs recommends to have a professional carpet cleaning done every 3-6 months to ensure everything that falls between the cracks is extracted. We recently purchased a NEW state of the art system that targets all of the particles that a vacuum cannot reach. To top it off, we have a method that will leave your carpets soft, without a crunchy chemical residue!

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