Vacation Preparation in 4 Steps

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June has finally arrived! All our children are finishing up with school for their summer break and the warm weather is finally here. Colorado Springs seemed to have a never ending winter this year, so it is time to celebrate the summer season!

Many of us have been planning our long family vacation to Disney Land in California, the tropical cruise through the Atlantic, or our long road trip to see family for months. Planning all the vacation details out and packing everything your family will need for the long trip ahead can make us forget about preparing our home for the trip as well.

Preparing your home for your arrival is one of the best things you can do for you and your family. When you get home from the amazing family vacation you will not feel like cleaning and preparing your home for the weeks to come. Get it done before so you can leave all the worries of your home behind.

Prepare in 4 easy steps…

  1. Do all the laundry you are not taking with you. When your family returns you will have plenty of laundry to do already. Ensure your family has clean clothes to wear upon arrival and minimize the number of loads of laundry to run when you get home.
  2. Clean out your fridge and pantry. In the weeks leading up to your trip you will be trying to cook all the food so it does not go to waste. Unfortunately, some food will be left behind that will spoil while you are gone. Throw away any food that can go bad causing unwanted odors in your kitchen.
  3. Clean every surface in your home. It can feel so good to get rid of any dust that is occupying the space of your furniture. Taking a wet cloth and going over every surface in your home will minimize the amount of dust leaving a clean feel when you arrive.
  4. Deep clean all of the floors. Cleaning wood floors can be made simple by sweeping to get rid of crumbs, then using your mop or cleaning tool of choice to erase any other messes left behind. Your carpets are a different story. Vacuuming will get rid of the outer surface pieces but does not give you a deep clean or erase the stains. Bee-Kleen of Colorado Springs offers a free estimate on carpet cleaning. We then use industry leading equipment that leaves your carpets fluffy without the crunchy chemical residue feel!

Most of us forget that as much as we need to prepare our family for vacation, our homes need it too. You will thank yourself when you come home to a chore free home to settle back into after all of the excitement on your trip!

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