Planning The Perfect Memorial Day BBQ

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As we finish our Friday in anticipation for a three-day weekend, we are all thinking about our exciting things we have planned. For most of us, this includes a barbecue! We must not forget why we celebrate Memorial Day. We celebrate the brave soldiers past and present that fight for our countries freedom every day, and we use Memorial Day to thank them for their service in the United States Military.

One of the first things people plan for this long weekend is a barbecue with their closest friends and family. This can be a tall order depending on how many people you have attending.

What do you need to do to host a memorable Memorial Day barbecue?

  1. Figure out how many people you will have over. This is the most important part of the planning process. This dictates the space, food, and activities you need to put together moving forward.
  2. Decide where you are going to host the barbecue. Once you decide how many people will be attending, pick a place that can hold that many people comfortably. Take into consideration the outdoor space since that will be the place your guests will spend most of their time.
  3. Decide what food you need to shop for. Also figure out what your guests are bringing. It can take some of the pressure off to host a “pot luck” and have your guests each bring a dish.  We suggest you buy extra to ensure you do not run out of food or drinks.
  4. Stop by your local dollar store for decorations. One of the best things to get to dress up the party are some simple decorations. This does not need to be expensive, most local dollar stores have patriotic table clothes and decor. Remember, a little goes a long way!
  5. Decide what activities you will have available for your guests. Some simple things to have on hand are a few decks of cards and sports equipment such as a footfall or Frisbee. If you are going to have children at your barbecue, Walmart has inexpensive outdoor children’s games that will keep the kiddos occupied!

With Colorado Springs holding multiple military bases, we want to give back to the local military personel. Bee-Kleen of Colorado Springs is donating 15% of all proceeds to the PFC VA Clinic for any appointment that is scheduled through Memorial Day! We are also offering a free deodorizer treatment ($45 value) with any of these appointments! Help us give back to our troops and take advantage of this special offer for your home.

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