What’s hiding in your household carpets?

Bee-Kleen Professional Cleaning Service of Colorado Springs

Colorado’s crisp, dry climate offers so many advantages and disadvantages! From providing mild temperatures to ridding away large insect species we would rather live without . Sadly some species in fact thrive on it and are found in the last place we want them….

our household carpet!

Carpet beetles  do not need to be scary because they are not harmful. Some facts about these insects are…

  1. Carpet beetle larvae feed and thrive on food products (crumbs), lint and anything of animal origin.
  2. These bugs migrate to homes in the warm months of the year.
  3. They are the most found household bug in Colorado.

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These beetles are harmless to humans, but no one wants a beetle infestation in their home right?!

Prevent this from happening!

The best way to prevent these little guys from migrating into your home this summer is to keep your household surfaces, especially carpets free of lint and food products. Unfortunately our weekly vacuum and ducting methods can leave debris behind.

Bee-Kleen of Colorado Springs uses a proven method of carpet cleaning that illuminates substances found deep in carpet fibers while leaving the carpet soft and free of chemical residue. We recommend regular carpet cleanings to rid away carpet beetles, preferably  every 3-6 months. Give us a call today for a free estimate to make your carpets clean, and looking good as new!


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