What are the signs I need my carpets stretched & repaired?

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Carpet serves many different purposes in your home. They are used to add decorative flare to a room or to make your home feel “cozy”,  either way you want your carpets to last. We recommend regular carpet steam cleaning treatments twice a year to maintain it but heavy foot traffic can result in a different problem that will need to be fixed.

When you have many people coming in and out of your home(walking on and off your carpet) it can cause the top layer to separate from the under lying layer. To fix the problem the carpet will have to be stretched.

What are the signs I need my carpet stretched?

Lose Edges

Carpet is held down on the edges with tack strips to keep it in place. Lose edges that are no longer held  indicate the carpets need to be stretched and reconnected with the sub floor.

Wrinkles or Bumps

Carpet is meant to lay flat, and hold strong to the flooring underneath. If you walk across the carpet and you see parts of the carpet “lifted” or wrinkled, it means the carpet is separating from the subfloor. The easy solution to this is to have a professional come in and stretch the carpets back to where they belong. This will get rid of any bubbling on the surface.

The key to lengthening the lifespan of your carpet is to make sure they get the treatments they need before it is too late. With the mixture of regular carpet cleaning, and stretching the carpet when there are signs of separation or damage is the key!

Bee-Kleen of Colorado Springs knows how important these treatments are and offer it all! To make your carpets look brand new call us today for a free estimate on carpet stretch & repairs and carpet cleaning! (719) 597-5559

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