10 Unexpected Things You Did Not Know You Had To Clean In Your Home

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Unknown surfaces that collect it all…

We all clean the usual places in our home weekly, but there are a few “forgotten” places that can collect the most dust and germs! Thankfully these places only take a few minutes to clean but they make all the difference in the cleanliness of our home.

  1. Curtains– Curtains are rarely touched so they collect a lot of dust. To clean them, just throw them in the wash every 2-4 months to make sure all of the dust is gone.
  2. Vacuum filter– The vacuum filter picks up allergens and dust that is collected in the fibers of the carpets. It is recommended to wash the filter every three months.
  3. Lampshades– Lampshades are never touched, so it is a perfect place for dust to settle. Taking a lightly damp rag and wiping across the surface lightly will take care of any settled dust.
  4. Dish rack– Not all dishes need to be thrown in the dish washer, so a drying rack next to the sink is so convenient! But after just a few dishes drying, residue is left on the rack. It should be rinsed with warm water and soap once a week.
  5. TV remote– It is said that the average family watches 5 hours of TV a day! That means the remote is touched by whoever is using it every single day… that can be a lot of germ build up! The remote should be wiped with a disinfectant wipe once a week to ensure there is no contaminants hanging around for your family to be exposed to.
  6. Coffee pot– As coffee streams through your coffee dispenser into the pot, coffee is left throughout the machine. This can lead to mold or mildew growth. It is recommended that your coffee pot is thoroughly cleaned once a week.
  7. Shower curtain– When someone takes a shower, all of the dirt and excess soap will stick to the shower curtain, and this can lead to mildew growth. A shower curtain should be cleaned with a disinfectant and warm water once a month.
  8. Phone– People rarely put their phones down, this means whatever is touches throughout the day ends up on your phones surface! There are many great brands that will safely clean the surface of a phone without causing damage. The easiest way is to take a lightly damp paper towel and lightly cross the surface.
  9. Trash can– Many foods and scents get to the inner surface even though a thrash bag acts as a barrier. A trash can should be rinsed with warm water and soap every two weeks and then sprayed to eliminate the lingering odor left from the trash.
  10. Air ducts– The air systems in our homes give us our heat and A/C, but they also disperse whatever is in the air throughout the home. The pollens, dust, and contaminants eventually stick to the walls of the air ducts and are continuously  released into the air. Colorado Springs is in the midst of allergy season, and these allergens in our homes do not help! Unfortunately, it takes a professional to clean these areas.

Bee-Kleen of Colorado Springs has a proven system that cleans any lingering contaminants in the air ducts to leave your household air fresh and clean! While you are cleaning these forgotten places throughout your home, call us today for your free estimate! (719) 597-5559

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