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How often should I have my dryer vent cleaned?

Everyone knows about the weekly cleaning duties that are required to keep a home clean, but what about the ones that do not require weekly maintenance?

Dryer vents are the forgotten place in a home, who even knew they needed to be cleaned and why? Dryer vents hold more then we think. They can cause major problems in the long term if they are not managed properly.

In your dryer vent, 1/3 of the lint from your dryer is caught and combines with moist, hot air. The mixture sticks to the walls of the vent. When the hot air cannot escape due to build up, it takes away the dryers energy efficiency. Cleaning the dryer vents will save you money on your energy bill when the pathway is clear.

To keep the risk of a fire down, a dryer should be cleaned once a year or when there is sign of a build up. When the air can escape properly the dryer will no longer over heat.

Bee-Kleen of Colorado Springs knows a dryer vent can be a hassle to clean so¬†we do it for you! Along with a large list of cleaning services, Bee-Kleen’s dryer vent cleaning will give you a peace of mind that your home is safe and clean! Call us today for your free estimate! (719) 597-5559

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