3 Tidy Tips for Easter Sunday

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Make your home “event ready” in a few easy steps…

With Easter approaching quickly, I am sure you have a whole laundry list of things to do to make sure your home is ready for all of your relatives to see! Lets make this easy so your focus can be on the fun part…the food!

Lets condense all of the duties into 3 simple steps that will make a huge impact on your home!

  1. Eliminate the clutter in your entertaining space.  Clutter can make a room feel smaller then it is, and consolidating some of these items can make one of the biggest impacts on your space! Eliminate any items that may be stepped on, knocked over, or in the way of your guests.
  2. Get out your cleaning products and surface clean. Surface cleaning includes dusting and wiping everything down. Disinfecting everything that your family uses everyday will promote a healthy environment for your guests. It will also make a huge difference on the appearance of your beautiful wooden furniture and granite counter tops.
  3. Deep clean the necessary places. The one space that should come to mind is your carpets! Stains and foot prints on a carpet floor stands out to people who do see it everyday. The sad part is these stains can be hard to get rid of yourself, so this is a job for the professionals! Bee-Kleen of Colorado Springs uses a proven method that extracts stain particles and ensures they are left soft and fluffy, not crunchy with chemical residue.

Clean with ease and make your home a topic of conversation this Easter! Bee-Kleen of Colorado Springs has over 30 years of experience and is excited to help you with your holiday preparations. Call today for a free estimate! (719)597-5559

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