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Spring cleaning checklist-what am I forgetting?

We just passed the first day of Spring,  and as the weather heats up one of the first things on our mind is spring cleaning! After spending all winter inside snuggling up to conserve heat, there is excitement in opening everything up allowing fresh air to flow in! This also gives us the chance to get rid of unwanted clutter and dust that built up for months! Make this years annual cleaning the best yet!

  1. Start with getting rid of any items that are taking up space! Before going full force on all the pesky dust, get rid of everything in your way. . A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself “am I going to use this in the next 6-8 months?” If the answer is no, let it go! It can be hard to get rid of things that at one point were important, but the clean feeling in the end will be worth it.
  2. Clear the air! Open everything up allowing your home to breath. Keeping the windows and doors open gives the dust a place to go as opposed to it resettling on a different surface in your home.
  3. Get all of the hard to reach places. The surface of our home is clean with weekly housekeeping, but this is the chance to get what you missed all winter season. We are talking about cleaning under the couch cushions, furniture, cabinets, and so on. The goal is to try to move everything in your home that may have collected a mess for us to clean!

All of these places are not as easy. The places that are the most important to clean are the hardest to reach such are our air ducts, dryer vent, and deep down carpet surfaces. When you finish what you can, Bee-Kleen of Colorado Springs takes on the rest! All of these areas hold allergens and dust that are continuously dispersed into the air until they are eliminated.

Make this spring cleaning the best yet with Bee-Kleen Professional Cleaning Services! Call us today to schedule your appointment! (719) 597-5559

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