What do I do within the first 24 hours of my home flooding?

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24/7 Flood Repair Services

Our home is a safe haven and a space to run to. Walking into a flooded basement can be one of the scariest sites for a home owner to have to face. Unfortunately a busted pipe, or severe weather conditions are out of our control. As Colorado Springs heads into “monsoon season” local homes need to be prepared for the possible outcome.

So, what are the steps to take in the first 24 hours?

  1. Before entering the flooded area check for any structural or electrical damage. Structural damage can look like warping in the flooring above, or cracks in the walls. Before entering the home be sure there is no evidence of unstable flooring. Also look for any wet, exposed wiring that is active. Electrical currents are tricky to deal with especially if it is in a damp climate.
  2. Before fixing ANYTHING, take photos of it all! This is especially important because dealing with a flooded home can be expensive. For the case of filing a claim with your insurance carrier, they will need photos of every site that is damaged and is in need of repairs.
  3. If you need to file a claim to help with repair costs, call your insurance carrier right away. They may advise you to wait until an adjuster comes out to examine the damage, so before taking any further steps consult them.
  4. Remove the water safely. There are many ways to clear water but to ensure it is all removed call a local professional. Bee- Kleen professional Cleaning Services of Colorado Springs has the equipment and knowledge to leave the space spotless!
  5. Make sure mold is taken care of. Mold can start growing as early as 24 hours after the area is covered with water damage. Mold spores can grow on anything (furniture, carpet, walls, etc.) so do not take any chances. Some pieces can be salvaged if it is handled early on but consult professionals before you clean everything and call it good.

Do not let a flood scare you, anything can be fixed if the right people are involved with the solution. Bee- Kleen Professional Cleaning Services  offers top notch flood damage repairs, we are a Certified IICRC Water Restoration Specialist team! The best part is we  are a 24 hour service!

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We understand and perfected the process so repairs can be quick, easy, and seamless. Keep a peace of mind and call us in the event of a flood or any water damage! (719) 597-5559

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