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Janitorial and cleaning services, what is included?

Janitorial services are a necessity for any business with a large facility. Especially busy companies that have anywhere between 100-1,000 people in the facility at a time! Although it seems like a huge responsibility, the professionals handle it daily! Bee-Kleen Professional Cleaning Services offer….

  • A wide range of janitorial services
  • Commercial carpet cleaning- this one should be done correctly especially if your business has heavy foot traffic. This ensures dust/contaminants are extracted offering a clean facility.
  • Tile/grout cleaning- grout between tile, especially bathrooms can hold germs that surface cleaners are no match for! Professional grout cleaning extracts those germs and any discoloration… giving your tile a fresh, new look! Regular cleaning also expands the life of your tile, this saves you money in the long run.
  • Professional Cleaning Services- Janitorial services do not always cover the deep cleaning many facilities are in desperate need for. Cleaning services will even cover any dust that could be consuming your duct work and beyond!

Keep your facility looking new, and make it easy! Do not go through the hassle of outsourcing to multiple companies, use one that covers it all! Bee-Kleen Professional Cleaning Services handle this long list of services for many local businesses and hope to help more businesses keep their fresh, clean look! Call us today to schedule your next appointment! (719) 597-5559

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