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What can local honey be mixed with to become an at home remedy?

“All natural” is becoming a more common term in our community. People are using  alternatives for common illnesses by using everyday household products… and one of the natural healers is raw, local honey!

Here is just a few ways to incorporate honey into your routine….

  1. Honey is high in sugar and carbs… this is great to eat before a workout for quick energy! If you drizzle it on top of a whole grain piece of toast and eat it 30 minutes before your exercise, those carbs will be used as energy to fuel you through!
  2. Honey mixed with apple cider vinegar is a great home remedy for migraines and stomach aches.
  3. The thickness of raw honey helps soothe a sore throat, if you have a sore throat eat a spoon of honey and it will coat it and reduce the painful side effects.
  4. Weight loss? Yes! Mixing lemon and honey in hot water will shift fat stores to use as energy!
  5. Local honey reduces the symptoms of allergies. The honey will act as a vaccine, exposing you to small amounts of pollen(just like a flu shot) to prevent allergies!

Local honey is an amazing, natural way to reduce illness and improve health! In fact, many people swear by it!

As spring approaches and you prepare for the new season, Bee-Kleen Professional Cleaning Services of Colorado Springs is offering a free jar of local honey with each cleaning service that is booked. Start this season off with a fresh, clean start with us! Call us today to book your first cleaning!

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