Why would you need to have your upholstery professionally cleaned?

Upholstery Cleaning Colorado Springs


What professional upholstery cleaning will do for you…

Our couches are our hang out spot, movie night seats, sleep over fortress for children, and everything in between! Our upholstery gets a lot of action throughout the day, but we do not take everything with us when we leave.

So what is left on our cozy couches after all is said and done?


Upholstery can tend to hold odors and have a hard time ridding itself of it. For all of us pet owners out there, we all know that our couches are our pets hang out spot when we are not around. So when our pets have free range outside and come back in, they carry the scents in between baths and our couches hold the smell. Steam cleaning gets deep into our couches fibers that we cannot reach and eliminates the scents left behind.


Pollen and allergens are full force in Colorado Springs this time of year. So when we come in from a long day the pollen settles into our upholstery from our clothing and bother us even after we clean off. But thankfully pollen is no match for professional steam cleaning, steam cleaning extracts the pollen!


One of the hardest things to do is extract those deep, ground in stains from food and other substances. The scariest part is if the wrong cleaners are used it can permanently ruin your upholstery, sometimes making the stains more prominent. Do not take that chance, hire the professionals.

Bee-Kleen Professional cleaning does not want you to have to replace your beautiful upholstery, we will come out and evaluate the material before we get started to ensure the the material is left looking brand new!

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