3 Benefits To Professional Carpet Cleaning

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3 Benefits to Professional Carpet Cleaning

Many of us do a weekly cleaning of our entire home. It always feels so good to clean up from the previous week in preparation for the next! Many of these tasks only include cleaning the surface of our home so it appears clean, and one of the spots that hold the most contaminants is our carpets!

When we walk into our home after a long day we track in everything we walked on that day… crazy to think about right? So what is hiding in our cozy, plush carpets we do not know about that professional carpet cleaning can take care of?

Professional carpet cleaning takes care of dust mitesĀ 

As dust settles and builds dust mites make their home! Professional cleaners use a steam cleaning method which kills dust mites and other microscopic contaminants that are hiding.

Carpet cleaning prevents mold growth

Especially in Colorado’s rainy season, humid/damp environments can promote mold growth in our carpets. Regular professional cleanings with a high power drying method prevents mold spores from blooming.

Professional cleaning cosmetically removes deep, long term stains

Steam cleaning systems that professional cleaners use get deeper then our household cleansers. They are so strong that it can even remove greasy stains that you have learned to live with. Your carpet may look like it needs to be replaced, but you will be surprised to see their potential with a deep clean! A cleaning is cheaper then replacing your flooring so give it a try.

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Keep your carpets clean and free of dust and mold for the health of your family and you pets, Bee-Kleen Cleaning Services offers deep cleaning leaving the carpet plush without crunchy, chemical residue. Call us today to schedule your deep carpet cleaning! (719)597-5559







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